Insight, Impact, Innovation


Our career management process is closely tied to performance management and engagement programs through our Analytics Career Track framework.

Program objectives
  • Build deeper specialization and define clear growth drivers for each employee.
  • Offer deeper insights, innovation business impact for our clients.
  • Develop stewardship of the future of the analytics industry, as it relates to filling the gap in analytics talent around the world.

ACT Benefits
  • Groom and motivate employees toward higher performance.
  • Better evaluation of new hires and performance evaluations.
  • Steward the talent shortage gap in analytics industry.
  • Increase retention and employee engagement toward greater client value creation.
Guiding Principles
  • All new and current client-oriented roles are career track driven.
  • Employees are assigned a track with defined requirements and timelines to move into adjacent tracks.
  • Career Tracks are deeply integrated and aligned to the complete employee life cycle: hiring, promotion, re-designation, training and performance management.
  • Written assessment on skills.
  • Collaboration with managers on best fit and desired track.
  • Charting the roadmap toward desired track with clear timelines for transition.
  • Role models for each career track to coach and counsel employees to understand the path, success factors and potential pitfalls.