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FAA (Fractal Analytics Academy) is our in-house learning academy that offers a rigorous onboarding program as well as ongoing learning opportunities. We offer 50 courses delivered by 75 highly rated faculty members.


Onboarding programs focus on skill-building across tools and technologies, solutions, business, consulting and client domains, as well as management and leadership.

FAA is responsible for testing and placing employees into one of 4 analytics career tracks. These tests also serve as the foundation for training plans that lead to future development.

Learning Platforms
  • Statistical Centre of Research and Excellence
  • KOP – Know Our Project
  • Excel Ninja
  • Viz Ninja
  • Women Inspired Network
  • GSTR


Educational Videos:

  Customer Segmentation for Brand Loyalty
See how segmentation can help to identify potentially profitable customers to make the loyalty program a success.
    Digital Wallets and role of Advanced Analytics
This video talks about how smart phones are turning into digital wallets and the role of advanced analytics to leverage the rich digital data to enhance consumer experience
 Square - inch analysis
This video helps to determine the profitability of promotional ads and the product offers which are displayed in the pages of a catalog.
 Footfall Analysis
In this video, Mayuri Ugale - Senior Analyst, Fractal Analytics explains how an organisation can identify and improve its customer conversation rate using footfall analysis.
 Fraud, Waste and Abuse
In this video, Mohammad Affan - Senior Analyst at Fractal Analytics explains about the differences between​ 3​ health insurance​ white-collar crimes in the US health insurance sector​ -​​ fraud, waste and abuse

Watch more such analytics videos on our channel "Analysticspedia".

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