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Global Analytics Partnership

Our GAP delivery approach supports existing in-house analytics teams by providing a dedicated client team that scales to solve a range of business challenges across business units and functional areas.

Our approach starts by facilitating the business direction to expand and leverage centralized analytics, defining key business needs and organizational readiness.


Global Analytics Partnership (GAP)


We deliver high performance value-add analytics leveraging best practices in process management.

  • Delivery – Our team is trained and experienced across a wide range of leading analytics approaches, innovation and decision process
  • Quality – We review interim and final deliverables for accuracy, consistency, user experience and business relevance
  • Productivity – We continually strive to enhance and streamline our processes to provide unparalleled value
  • People – Our team is hired from the best universities and mentored in key business domains, analytics techniques and tools

Our GAP solutions support in-house analytics teams with a range of analytics to help business users drive operational efficiency with smarter, faster and more accurate decisions across business units and functions.

All products or solutions that we offer can be incorporated into an GAP program on a program, project or ad-hoc basis.

Global Delivery Engagement

Our engagement approach provides a dedicated team to augment internal analytics staff to support specific projects for particular business unit needs as well as on demand ad-hoc requests.

Our team of trained and experienced scientists, analysts, consultants and project leaders is designed to scale as your analytics needs grow. We ensure analytics are implemented with performance metrics and feedback loops enabling high impact data-driven decisions with business user satisfaction.

GAP DirectionBusiness DiagnosticProject IdentificationExecute & DeliverImplement
Vision and business strategyDefine needsIdentify and prioritize projectsBest practicePlanning workshop
Executive sponsorshipBusiness Intelligence assessmentsData and systems requirementsTools and metricsExecute projects
Steering teamOrganizational readiness assessmentDelivery outputsEducation and trainingReview project performance
Business case Implementation requirementsConsulting services 
GAP scope & definition Skill requirements