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Capturing the maximum share of customers’ wallets to discover $102 million in incremental spend

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Determine a card user's wallet size, share of wallet and potential to spend


The Business Challenge

The client had three primary challenges for its payment cards. It wanted to:

  • Ensure that its payment card stayed on top of its customers’ wallets by generating more frequent usage
  • Leverage the power of its transaction data to decode the behavior and personalize use strategies
  • Develop a highly predictive, robust and scalable approach that could be replicated across multiple markets in Europe, Asia, South America, and with expansion to other geographic areas.

Secondary challenges included:

  • Improve revenue
  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • Optimizing cost effectiveness

The Solution

Fractal developed complex, multi-level methodology of a payment card user’s potential using the “Top of Wallet Index” to spend by:

  • Determining how to generate usage-based card clusters with one methodology.
  • Estimating the size of each customer’s wallet by a distribution and stability analysis methodology.
  • Analyzing the size and share of wallet with a cluster-wide distribution of cards methodology.
  • And profiling card clusters for both size and share of wallet with a nearest neighbor methodology.


The Results

Fractal Analytics identified $102 million in incremental spend opportunity and protected $167 million POS spend attrition in the first year through a set of six customer engagement themes (15 actions) customized for its portfolio.


Fractal’s integrated segmentation framework based on a “Top of Wallet Index” can be used for driving revenue increases, marketing cost efficiencies, and reducing credit risk across the bank.


  • Fractal identified 5+ lifecycle actions with a potential to deliver more than $500 million in annual spend across three geographies to create a consistent, multi-market ready, re-deployable “Top of Wallet” framework.
  • This highly integrated “Top of Wallet” solution enables a high acceptability and usage for a unifying strategy.
  • The solution demonstrated the power of transactional data to create longer-lasting value, a campaign evaluation framework, a spend attrition matrix, and a dynamic campaign tool to capture behavior at category and channel levels to enable hyper-targed campaigns.


  • Fractal utilized a solution that blended art and science based on the philosophy of “What you buy defines who you are” vs. “Who you are defines what you buy”.
  • The solution used millions of spend data attributes across the banking industry to create a 360-degree view of the most relevant factors that define a customer.