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Company-wide effort consolidates reports by 95% with richer data for better business decisions

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Created a set of reporting toolkits that standardized reports for all product categories and key metrics, saving clients time and money


The Business Challenge

This multinational consumer products company was concerned that there was an overload of reports being prepared each month across the entire organization with too much duplication of effort, too much time spent on data compilation, and too little time on analyzing trends. This client wanted to streamline its reports and create more powerful and consistent outputs. The data needed to be presented in a more systematic and standardized manner to be used more effectively by the business.

The Solution

Fractal consolidated all existing company reports, providing a standardized prototype for all categories and key metrics which could then be leveraged to draw business insights by their analysts. Fractal and a client task force made the proposed solution more scalable and comprehensive. This 5P Framework encompassed all metrics for promotions, pricing, performance toolkit, distribution, and new product launches with a variety of key questions, including:

  • How is a product category performing.
  • What is driving category growth/decline?
  • How are our client’s and competitive brands performing?
  • What is our market share/sales trends over time?
  • How do the client trends compare to competitive brands, and more.

The Results

Fractal recommended a 5P Framework that created a toolkit to provide better data for decision-making all across the U.S. organization. It was so successful, 14 other countries in Europe and Asia are adopting it.


Within a single group within one division of the organization, around 250 reports were being identified within one division, and more than 95% of those reports were redundant. Several teams were pulling the same data and reporting it in different ways. Data sources were manually integrated every time the databases were refreshed. Analysts were spending at least 80% of their time harmonizing data vs. interpreting those numbers.


The toolkit provided better data for decision-making, saved approximately 4,000 hours in one year for this client’s U.S. brand teams, and is now being adopted by 14 other countries throughout Europe and Aisia.


Fractal’s 5P Toolkit consolidated all reporting across the U.S. organization and provided more systematic, standardized data for enhanced business decisions.