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Determining the best of 50 loyalty plan partners across seven countries

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Performed a deep dive analysis to identify and focus on customers' redemption and measure KPIs


The Business Challenge

  • A loyalty program in the Middle East offered its customers the opportunity to redeem points through a variety of redemption partners and channels.
  • The objective of this project was to understand which Rewards partners provided the most value to the client’s loyalty program, then produce a marketing strategy to promote and drive the best redemption behaviors.

The Solution

Fractal implemented a Deep Dive Analysis into the redemption data to:

  • Include all active customers who were part of the program.
  • Select all partner redemptions in the time period by identifying customers’ redemption transactions.
  • Dedupe files and focus analysis on a single customer loyalty points redemption.
  • Measure the Key Performance Indicators across each partner and each category.

The Results

Fractal discovered that the client’s customers were not as active in earning points after redeeming, so they recommended new campaigns to boost usage such as “double points on the next three transactions.”


  • Fractal determined that Travel and Electronics were the two favorite redemption categories.
  • 44% of total redemptions and 72% of total miles redeemed were in these two categories.
  • Fractal recommended that the client should use advertising promotions to suggest that their customers earn more loyalty points 4-7 months after their first redemption.


  • Fractal realized that there was a dip in points earned after a customer’s first redemption.
  • Fractal recommended an opportunity to target the client’s customers for new campaigns, such as “double points earned on the next three transactions.”