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Refining a global study to track brand recognition across continents for mass media optimization

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Helped client optimize its media budget allocation to retain its ranking as both the Brand Recommended Most Often and the Brand Used Most Often


The Business Challenge

Since 2004, a multinational client ran a global study annually to track “Brand Recommended Most Often (BRMO)” and “Brand Used Most Often (BUMO)” to maintain its advertising claims and Key Performance Indicators among its professional customer base.

This client needed help collating and consolidating data from different countries, multiple time zones, a myriad of reports, and disparate sources into a single report.

Fractal would then anaylze the data to validate the hypothesis on the relationships among internal and external variables to drive BRMO and BUMO for cetain categories of products.

The Solution

Fractal consolidated all of the data related to BRMO, BUMO, Share of Market, Source of Volume, brands recommended, and sample coverage for 9 countries for 2010 through 2013.

Second, Fractal did a deep dive analysis of certain client brands associated with specific medical conditions across all brands and all countries. Fractal also performed a drivers analysis to establish the relationships among dependent variables and independent variables to determine which factors drove BUMO and BRMO most.

The Results

Fractal consolidated the data for all variables across all brands in all countries by dividing variables into two parts: dependent (BRMO) and independent (BUMO, SOV, samples in office and other factors).


Fractal learned that free product samples given to patients and its mass media advertising had a strong influence on the client’s BRMO in most countries, but not globally.

BUMO and SOM have very strong correlations with BRMO in specific product categories where this client has a strong reputation.


  • This project helped Fractal gain insights based on how this client can further plan its strategies and actions.
  • The client can continue to advertise its product claims and offer free samples to a specific customer base to boost its BUMO and ultimately, its BRMO.


  • Fractal quickly and efficiently integrated the available discrete forms, different formats, and parameters from diverse countries into a single data source for statistical analysis through data automation techniques.
  • Fractal also applied various statistical analyses such as linear regression and data correlation to determine various insights and recommendations to enable this client to gain higher brand recommendations and ultimately, higher market share.