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Simplifying business review presentations with a common view across 80 countries and 5 continents

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Connected a landscape assessment to client’s internal BI systems, ensuring fully automated processes and reporting to key stakeholders


The Business Challenge

A multinational client needed to standardize its various Key Performance Indicators, budget, and business review presentations used across functions within the company, within five divisions, and at corporate levels.

However, each country had a different way of reviewing the business performance, presenting a challenge of aligning all the current KPIs and presentations to create a common view which could be used across countries.

The functions included marketing, sales, finance, supply chain, customer service, and logistics. Furthermore, standardized reporting was needed across five geographic divisions covering 80 countries: Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and South America.

The Solution

Fractal conducted a review of all the reports internally to understand the scope, granularity, and KPIs, then created a landscape assessment of KPIs and reports across functions and divisions.

Fractal then deployed a five-question approach to ensure covering relevant information in each review to standardize the reporting across divisions, functions, and countries throughout its global offices.

The Results

Fractal created standardized formats and reports across five functions for businesses in 80 countries on five continents to ensure more consistent PowerPoint reports.


  • Identified significant differences across country reviews, with some marketing presentations varying from 85 to 425 slides.
  • Determined that reporting varied across regions because of data availability.
  • Realized that acronyms and images were not being used consistently though KPIs were similar across functions and divisions.
  • Connected the standard PPT decks to their internal Business Intelligence systems to ensure fully automated processes and reports, ensuring stakeholders across countries can look at data the same way.
  • Strategic planning meetings can be conducted more efficiently and linkages between KPI for local, day-to-day, and management reviews for each business can be identified more quickly for certain reports.

The new standard reporting and review templates enable:
  • Simplified business reviews with consistent, easy-to-use tools for retail and trade channels, regions,
  • Self-service creation of reports with drill-down options for customization.
  • Dynamic versions to accommodate each country’s particular way of doing business.