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Standard budget reporting enabled more responsive performance reviews and 500 hours saved

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Developed a standard presentation deck and a faster performance review process


The Business Challenge

This multinational consumer products company was conducting budget review meetings twice a year. Each of the company’s nine Asia country’s offices was using a different format to present their reviews, in spite of similar information being presented across countries. The Asia division wanted to simplify the process with a standard template that could be used across all countries for their budget reviews.

The Solution

Fractal Analytics developed an 80-20 approach to ensure that the standard presentation decks would cover at least 80% of all business requirements. Parameters included:

  • The Asian division team provided a standard set of presentation decks.
  • Fractal worked with each of the country’s teams to define their specific requirements in terms of brands to be displayed.
  • Fractal created standard templates using Nielsen Answers to ensure the easy refresh of presentation deck information.

The Results

The client teams in Asia can now use standard presentation decks provided by Fractal to understand business performance much faster and easier for their reports, giving them more time to make decisions.


The standard decks covered most of the information needed by country teams for budget reviews. Only a small amount of information needed to be created separately. By simplifying the deck creation and streamlining delivery, each country can receive two versions of the deck in every budget review cycle so that they can review business performance trends and start early preparation for budget review processes.


  • Significant time savings for country teams to develop information.
  • Countries can now focus on business issues.
  • Standard format ensures efficiency in report creation and refresh.


  • Fractal created a standard reporting to ensure that the Asia division leadership team has a consistent way of looking at budget information across all nine countries.
  • Automation of these critical reports reduces the refresh time in every budget review
  • Common view enables easy comparison of business performance across countries