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Streamlining analytics reporting for Asian pilot market saves clients time, money and headaches

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Streamline the process by identifying gaps in processes for gathering data


The Business Challenge

An Asian analytics team of a Fortune 100 CPG company set goals during 2014 to elevate their business application of analytics in country teams and strengthen their local teams’ anayltics capabilities. They also identified Malaysia as a pilot market to identify gaps in analytics usage and build a plan to address the gaps.

The Solution

Fractal conducted an assessment of the current analytics environment of the client’s Malaysia team thorugh online surveys and one-to-one phone interviews. This led to identifying gaps in current processes for gathering data in:

  • Reports – Fractal discovered disparate formats over the same data and created a standard report for all business users.
  • Agency Support – New operating procedures were drafted to ensure client requirements with speed and accuracy by Fractal, Nielsen and Kantar.
  • Corporate Culture– Fractal instilled a mindset of structured problem-solving with a wider focus to analyze brands and their products.

The Results

Created customized reports for the Malaysia pilot market to ensure standard reporting, faster turnaround, and a streamlined process for working with individual agencies.


  • Identified improvement areas in usage and implementation of analytics for the clients.
  • Defined and simplified processes used by stakeholders when working with agencies.
  • Improved the thought processes of client stakeholders for monthly data and reports


  • Saved the client over 120 hours per year in gathering data and generating reports.
  • Freed up the client to address other business issues and focus on specific problems


  • The new standard reporting format ensures a single way of looking at data and information.
  • The streamlined analytics report creates faster turnaround on market share data each month.
  • Standard operating procedures make it easier for all client stakeholders to work with agencies