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Exceptional analytics can completely transform a business, but only if they are implemented and measured.

We partner with our clients to ensure analytics we deliver are operationalized and institutionalized to enable business users to make data-informed decisions.


Success Stories

  • How can you measure the impact of social media programs?

    Social Listening Manages Consumer Perceptions

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  • Do you want to revive sagging sales volume and market share? Learn how one company turned sales around.

    Marketing Mix model revives hair care brand and adds luster to declining sales by 35%

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  • Are you interested in understanding why your customers are leaving?

    Shopper Insights analysis helps rebuild brand and reverse market share loss

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  • Do you know where to launch your latest innovation?

    Market analysis defines readiness for product packaging innovation

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  • How do you know if you are setting the right prices?

    Price Elasticity study increases total sales in eight different categories

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  • Are you wondering how to allocate your marketing budget to drive sales?

    Marketing mix analysis gives birth to new strategy for leading baby care brand

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  • Refining a global study to track brand recognition across continents for mass media optimization

    Helped client optimize its media budget allocation to retain its ranking as both the Brand

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  • Quantifying risks helps shaving products company fight rising competition and regain market share

    By better understanding the competitive landscape vs. a niche online market segment, enabled the

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  • Company-wide effort consolidates reports by 95% with richer data for better business decisions

    Created a set of reporting toolkits that standardized reports for all product categories and key

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  • Standard budget reporting enabled more responsive performance reviews and 500 hours saved

    Developed a standard presentation deck and a faster performance review process

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  • Simplifying business review presentations with a common view across 80 countries and 5 continents

    Connected a landscape assessment to client’s internal BI systems, ensuring fully automated

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  • Streamlining analytics reporting for Asian pilot market saves clients time, money and headaches

    Streamline the process by identifying gaps in processes for gathering data

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  • Identifying the right price point for a new line of premium products increased sales and profit margins

    Enabled our client to understand and predict the optimal price point for each premium product in

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  • CAE helped build easily scalable, customized models for market size forecasts for 8,000 combinations, improving adoption of statistical forecasts by 90%

    Utilized CAE's forecasting engine to deliver a forecasting program at scaleCentralized Analytics

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