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Many of our clients are Fortune 100 insurance clients protect consumers’ lives and purchases around the world.

We are proud to be strategic partners that enable them to lead their markets by making smarter, faster and more accurate decisions.

Who We Serve

Fortune 500 Health Insurance Company – Our client is a Fortune 500 Insurance company covering more than 9 million people across a range of medical plans in US. Outside the US the company sells life, accident, and supplemental health insurance in Asia, Europe and Chile. We deliver solutions to this company in more than 5 countries in areas such as response models, contact reach analytics and automated data aggregation.


  • Business Leader, Cross Border Marketing
    Global Payment Provider
    Always timely and fantastic work - all the airline, tourism, client decks, business cases, results tracking, quarterly dashboards, etc. Extremely positive approach demonstrated over the last 6 months. Good collaboration and helpful attitude towards other departments as well.

  • Big Data research analyst
    You have more IP solutions and real experience handling Big Data with more case study examples than other analytics providers.

  • Senior Director, Financial Analytics - Science
    Fortune 100 P&C Insurance Carrier
    I would be happy to partner with [the Fractal team] again on another project. They are organized, responsive, thoughtful, proactive, creative, and was able to marshall the apropriate skill sets to accomplish the task. The team has done a good job of listening to feedback and input, adapting to it, and delivering results all under a very short timeframe.

  • Advanced Analytics Senior Consultant
    One of the top 5 healthcare insurance companies
    Fractal team has been extremely innovative and exceeded my expectations in the following ways: 1. Communication and presentation of results ­ I was extremely impressed with Fractal's ability to illustrate complex concepts and package analysis findings, and professionalism with which results were presented. Their communication of status, issues and risks is also excellent. 2. Project management and ownership ­ The project team managed and delivered against tight timelines. It was clear that all resources involved have great motivation, pride and ownership in their work. 3.Core analytics capabilities, knowledge of advanced techniques ­ It was clear that Fractal hires excellent analysts who are experts in what they do. Overall I greatly enjoyed working with the team and learned a lot from them as well.

  • Enterprise Vice President, Clinical Analytics
    One of the top 5 healthcare insurance companies
    Fractal's SMEs did an outstanding job in laying a Big Data roadmap considering the unique needs of the industry and advancements in the analytic tools and products

  • VP and Head, Database Marketing
    World's leading Retail Bank
    Fractal has delivered to us powerful response models, helping us increase response rates by as much as 30%. Fractal's strong analytics capabilities and excellent understanding of the banking business, helped deliver solutions that solve real business problems effectively. Their professional approach in managing delivery ensured that our expectations were exceeded through the engagement.