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Integrated Marketing Effectiveness

Today’s savvy marketers know the secret to driving ROI lies with a targeted strategy, flawless execution and a measurement feedback loop that supports agile corrective action.

Marketing Effectiveness solutions provide marketers with in-depth information about which programs, offers and channels are working, and which need to be adjusted or dropped.


We believe innovation is the heart of the analytics revolution that is creating competitive advantage for our clients.

We are well versed in advanced analytics and the latest big data processing approaches to deliver the information you need to drive business results with customized processes that leverage any data and fit seamlessly into your environment. These are the latest productized solutions developed from our Fractal Sciences advanced analytics lab.

Solution CategoryData TransformationInsights and Predictive AnalyticsVisualization
Analytics Adoption StageFirstMiddleLast
How it helpsEnsures accurate and relevant results mapped to business user needsGenerates actionable information to drive smarter decisionsEmpowers business users diagnose and solve problems fast
Featured ProductsConcordia™Customer Genomics™Business 360 Steering Wheel
  1. First, you need to transform your Big Data into meaningful information elements that feed into marketing analytics and measurement programs. 
  2. Next you need to measure the effectiveness across channels and promotions to understand what is driving customer behavior and interactions within your market and competitive landscape. 
  3. And last, information needs to be delivered to business users in a visual way so they can quickly and easily absorb, diagnose, and solve problems to meet their objectives.

Meet the Experts

Ajoy Singh

Chief Operating Officer

Ajoy Singh

Chief Operating Officer

Joined: 2012

Role: Leads engagement delivery and heads capabilities development for Customer & Loyalty Analytics, Integrated Marketing Effectiveness, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data & Visualization

Past experience: Prior to Fractal, Ajoy was the Country Credit Risk Head for the consumer portfolio of Barclays India. He was in Leadership role in Consumer Credit Risk Management in Standard Chartered (Prime Financial), CitiFinancial and GE Money. He is experienced in Credit Risk Policy & Portfolio Management, Collections Strategy, Underwriting & Fraud Control. 

Education: Ajoy received his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) at Calcutta and Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi

Passion for analytics: Adopting analytics to make smarter, faster and effective decisions.

Neha Singh


Neha Singh


Joined: 2008

Role: Developing the Integrated Marketing Effectiveness capability at Fractal

Past experience: With a background of engineering, never-ending interest in Physics, hands-on experience of working with information technology and servicing clients in FSI, Neha brings a unique combination of skill-sets to Fractal. In her 7+ years of tenure at Fractal she has focused on improving the performance of the debit and credit card portfolios of various banks through data driven decision making. Before Fractal, she was working with Headstrong for 3 years providing IT services in the Investment Banking domain. She was also amongst the top candidates shortlisted from India (in 2000) for the International Physics Olympiad and secretly hopes that the Theory of Relativity will meet its downfall soon. 

Education: Indian Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Computer Aided Design and Automation and its application in Robotics

Passion for analytics: Developing AI to improve the quality of life