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Make your organization ‘analytics-ready’. Enable intelligent and impactful business decisions by harmonizing data from disparate sources using Fractal Analytics’ proven accelerator platform.  

For today’s enterprises, getting views into business operations is a key enabler for success. For instance, understanding how a product category is performing globally is critical for sales and operations planning processes. Yet, many enterprises lack clear visibility into their operations, leaving their product category managers struggling to find answers to critical questions. For example:

  • How can the enterprise map its business value chain and see performance from shipment to consumption and beyond?
  • How can the enterprise align markets, products, channels, and time periods to measure the effectiveness of media and promotion campaigns?
  • How can the enterprise effectively assess its budgets and plans versus actual results across customers, brands, and sub-brands?

These key questions have answers. But they are spread across disparate data sources—both internal and external. Harmonize the data sets, and the organization will unlock the answers it needs. However, many enterprises struggle to harmonize their disparate data sets to build analytics that make a difference. Those that try often run into challenges in their efforts to overcome the inconsistencies in their multi-sourced data—such as different structures for different markets or categories, inconsistent values for the same metric from different sources, misaligned reporting periods between data sources, varying levels of granularity and hierarchies, different local languages, and non-centralized processes for data governance. 

The solution to these challenges is data harmonization, which synchronizes data across products, channels, time periods, and geographies. This allows data from different sources to converse with each other to enable powerful analytics capabilities. Fractal Analytics developed Concordia to do just that. Our sophisticated accelerator platform automates the harmonization of disparate data sources to create a global data environment, enabling the organization to be analytics-ready. 

Concordia helps enterprises get strong returns on their data investments and deliver exceptional business results. The solution enables enterprises to:

  • Harmonize data at the lowest level of granularity (e.g., stock keeping units)
  • Centralize harmonization logic, rules and data
  • Establish a single global hierarchy to map products and other dimensions across data sources 
  • Standardize definitions and varying metrics across data sources
  • Deliver timely data that’s accurate, consistent and there when its needed
  • Accelerate set-up times to reduce the time to data-driven decisions
  • Streamline sales and operations planning processes by having a “single source of the truth”

It’s time to solve your multi-sourced data challenges. We are ready to get started. Are you? Let’s have a productive conversation on how Concordia can help harmonize your data sets to enable the insights you need to drive business results.

Concordia is specifically designed to integrate data sets of different formats flowing at different velocities and granularities. It automates the harmonization workflow: data ingestion, cleansing, validation, transformation, verification, and output. 

It has a library of pre-built business rules that bring together data from multiple sources to address the harmonization needs of your organization. These pre-rules automate the process of cleansing, validation, transformation, and verification.

The harmonized output is then pushed to a global data store that acts as an enabler to slice-and-dice the data using BI tools, and run advanced analytics, marketing mix programs, and many more. 

Concordia Image

Key features:

  • Scalable design: Concordia makes it easy to add new measures and new data sources. 
  • Analytics-readiness: Concordia prepares harmonized data in a centralized data store to be used for impactful analytics.
  • Primed for CPG: Concordia features a pre-built library of components to handle business rules and CPG-specific nuances.
  • Comprehensive discovery process: Fractal’s discovery process for Concordia provides tangible output for your business.
  • Automated process: Concordia’s automation features enable faster decision making that frees up bandwidth of BI and Analytics teams. 
  • Flexible: Concordia technology can address a wide range of inputs and supports parameter-driven set up.
  • Customizable: Concordia manages data nuances by country and product category. 

Concordia is for any enterprise that wants to harmonize data from disparate sources to drive better business decisions, performance, and analytics-readiness.  

Concordia is the data harmonization platform of choice for the following companies:

Fortune 200 CPG company: With the help of Concordia, the company used harmonization to improve data utilization by reducing its cycle time from 65 days to 5 days. 

Fortune 500 CPG company: With the help of Concordia, the company used harmonization to set up its automated reporting environment on Amazon Web Services, which helped the company enable quick decision making.

Fortune 500 cereals company: With the help of Concordia, the company used harmonization to enable an up-to-date centralized global data repository that was easily accessible across its businesses.

Fortune 500 beverage company: With the help of Concordia, the company used harmonization to enable standardization of hierarchies across multiple data sources and align the measures of their internal and external data. 

A global beverage company: With the help of Concordia, the company used harmonization to go beyond linear hierarchies to help with business strategies. The company created attributes to classify retail outlets based on monthly sales volume and hence support its distributors with promotion strategies for specific retail outlets. 

A leading CPG manufacturer: With the help of Concordia, the company used harmonization to cut down ‘data-to-decisions’ time by as much as 45 days using automated harmonization.

Client testimonials  

“Fractal continues to deliver at a high degree of excellence especially considering the high volume and complexity of the data harmonization being completed each month with over 650 country/categories extracts. Initiating a governance and committee meeting process to review status of the projects and align on key decisions has allowed for better alignment and action planning.”

—Worldwide Director (Business Services)

“The market data information has become highly valued, now that all sub-categories in the system with all of the expanded metrics which have never been available before. The response from the business has been very positive but everyone wants the data sooner! So the challenge is on... how to make the end to end process more streamline and bring down the deliverable times throughout the process. With the Fractal BAU Team working with our Team I know it will happen. Thank you all again for the outstanding work and remember... Harmonization is Happiness!" 

—Worldwide Director (Business Services)

“We have successfully migrated the last of the categories to the new Harmonized dataset for Global Market Data reporting. With this, we have come to successful completion of a splendid project to move to Global Harmonized numbers from the Global Market database. We hope, with this, we have the fundamentals ready to focus on Standardized Global Reporting and move to the next level in analytics.”

—Senior Manager (Business Services)

Fractal’s experience

From many successful engagements with leading brands, Fractal has harmonized more than 1100 country categories. Fractal has also harmonized more than 20 different data sources—from syndicated to media to shipment to consumer survey. Through our sophisticated technology and expert resources, we are continually helping brands find innovative ways to drive exceptional business value by harmonizing their data. 

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