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Cuddle ®

Cuddle is an AI-based personal analyst that helps you discover more to accomplish more

We live in a world of connections.  We continuously check our email, Facebook, portfolios, texts, and tweets to stay connected.  We feel a sense of accomplishment when we discover that next new thing. And while the energy from these discoveries fuels us every day in our personal life, it’s rare that we have those same sparks in our work life.  Our tools are not designed to allow us to easily identify something new. We are forced to go through long, tedious processes to stay on top of our business.  No wonder our work life is often void of discovery. Cuddle was created to deliver information differently – inspired by innovations and habits from our personal world, applied to our business world.

Cuddle is an AI-based personal analyst, automatically delivering relevant business insight in the form of byte-sized cards on your smartphone. Much like Facebook is the central source for updates on the personal lives of family and friends, the Cuddle app delivers real-time, business information, tailored and customized specifically to the individual. Cuddle integrates your company’s unique data sources, utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to translate big data into essential knowledge and reinventing the way analytics are consumed throughout the enterprise. Sharing and collaboration are central elements of the experience and implementation is easy, with no time required from your organization. Cuddle helps you discover more so you accomplish more by changing the way people interact with business intelligence.