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Trial Run

Optimize Your Business Experiments for Greater Insight, Performance and Efficiency


In today’s accelerated world, businesses have to make countless decisions. To understand true implications of these decisions, it is important to test them out in the real world. It is imperative to gain insights on a scale large enough to assess results, but small enough to mitigate the risk of failure. This is where business experimentation helps.

Traditionally, successful experimentation has been challenging. To test ideas, experiments must be conducted in operationally “live” environments, and in properly quarantined settings so that external factors do not pollute results. Controls must be in place for accurate measurement. Too often, experimenters have to rely on manual processes and inconsistent design principles for executing the experiments. By relying on expensive consultants and spreadsheets, experimenters often spend more time and effort preparing and running the experiments. Eventually, test and learn scope, speed, and scalability all suffer under traditional approaches.

Trial Run is a comprehensive, cloud-based business experiments platform that optimizes complex experimentation efforts. It allows businesses to design and analyse a high volume of experiments, offering simplicity, accuracy, speed, agility, and scalability in creating institutional-class experimentation environments. Through its advanced analytics modules, it enables businesses to measure the true impact of experiments across complex business operations.