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Social Media Guidelines

At Fractal Analytics (Fractal), we know that social media platforms such as blogs, micro-blogs, online forums, content sharing websites and other digital channels, are transforming the way we connect with everyone in the world. 

The following guidelines have been developed for employees of Fractal, employees of Fractal’s subsidiaries, assigned workers, as well as any third parties performing services on Fractal’s behalf whenever they are contributing to such platforms with references to or a potential impact on Fractal. 

Ethical Conduct  

Your behavior online should be consistent with Fractal’s Privacy Policy.  Always respect the dignity and privacy of colleagues, clients, other company stakeholders, and company competitors.   For example, do not make derogatory remarks, bully, harass, intimidate, use insults or post content that is hateful, slanderous, threatening, discriminating or pornographic.

Speaking on Behalf of Fractal

Blogging and other online dialogue are far-reaching forms of communication; distribution is meant for a vast public audience. Information purported to be published by Fractal contained within blogs and other websites could have a negative impact to the company and our stakeholders, with potential legal implications. Unless you have been authorized to speak on behalf of the company via social media platforms, do not claim to be speaking on behalf of the company or expressing an official company position in such communications.

Please seek approval from Fractal Marketing team before establishing a new Group or becoming an official Group representative that shares information about the Group and the areas we work in.  Keep in mind that only these approved accounts may display the company logo.

Engaging with members of the media requires specialized training and preparation. Unless you are an approved spokesperson, DO NOT respond to requests for information from any third parties. Please refer any such requests to the Marketing team (  The same applies to phone calls or any direct contact such as during events.

Transparency of Origin

Keep in mind that you must disclose your connection to Fractal in all communications with clients, the media or other company stakeholders when speaking on behalf of Fractal (if authorized to do so), or when discussing or recommending Fractal or its products or services (even when doing so in your personal capacity). You must also provide your company contact information upon request. Unless you are approved to speak on behalf of Fractal, you should make it clear that the opinions are yours alone and do not necessarily reflect Fractal's views or positions.  For instance, in your own blog, the following standard disclaimer should be prominently displayed:

"The postings on this site represent my own viewpoints and don't necessarily represent Fractal Analytic's positions, strategies or opinions."

It is also customary to give appropriate attribution to original work by citing the reference.  It is not appropriate to claim anyone’s work as your own by intent or omission.  When in doubt, contact

Information Technology Resources

Please keep in mind that Fractal's Information Technology (IT) resources are company property dedicated to achieving the company’s business objectives.  Do not use such information inappropriately.  This includes, but is not limited to, using Fractal’s IT assets to post offensive material on content sharing websites, publish defamatory remarks about colleagues or clients on web forums or blogs, and leaking Confidential Information. When in doubt, assume information is confidential. 

Accurate Information

Do not knowingly communicate information that is untrue or deceptive. Communications should be based on current, accurate, complete and relevant data.

Protection of Confidential Information

Confidential Information is important or valuable business information that is not available to the public.  It includes trade secrets and other intellectual property that has been developed, licensed or acquired by Fractal. It can also include information of clients, business partners or any third party’s intellectual property rights that has been disclosed to Fractal under obligations of confidentiality.

Confidential Information represents one of Fractal's most important assets and is for every employee to protect. It is never appropriate to share, post, publish, or otherwise disclose Confidential Information unless you are explicitly authorized to do so. You must respect securities and financial disclosure laws, and must not post or otherwise comment in any capacity on Confidential Information that may be considered client information (such as client provided data, deliverables, findings or recommendations), or Fractal financial information (such as earnings, future business performance, business plans or prospects).

Protect clients, business partners and suppliers

Clients, partners or suppliers should not be cited or referenced without their approval. Internal social computing platforms permit suppliers and business partners to participate, so be sensitive to who will see your content. If a client has not given explicit permission for their name to be used, think carefully about the content you are going to publish on any internal social media and get the appropriate permission where necessary.  You are however encouraged to follow, like or share social media content of our clients and partners with the appropriate attribution, providing you do not mention that they are a client of Fractal unless explicitly permitted to do so.


You will be held accountable for the information you share in online activities. Be careful what you share, publish, post, or otherwise disclose. You are personally responsible for what you share and should remember that anything you post may be public for an indefinite period of time (even if you attempt to modify or delete). Try to ensure your online communications reflect Fractal's values and brand attributes of openness, responsiveness, integrity and optimism.

Reporting and Investigation

It is very important that you immediately report any suspicious behavior regarding Fractal employees or Fractal third parties. To report known or suspected violations of this Policy, contact Anyone reporting a suspected or actual violation of this Policy is protected from retaliation under Fractal's Privacy Policy. All good-faith allegations of violations of this Policy will be fully and confidentially investigated.  You will be required to cooperate with any and all investigations of alleged violations.

Discipline and Other Consequences

Please don’t violate this Policy.  Employees who violate this Policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action as determined by Fractal’s HR department.   

Local Policies and Procedures

It is Fractal's intention to comply with all applicable legal requirements. Accordingly, if a provision of this Policy conflicts with applicable local legal requirements, Fractal will follow the local legal requirement. For example, Fractal intends to comply with national or state laws that may limit or prohibit the company, as an employer, from requiring or requesting that an employee or applicant disclose a username or password for the purpose of accessing personal social media, to access personal social media in the presence of Fractal personnel or to divulge any personal social media; however, employees should acknowledge and understand that Fractal intends to maintain any and all rights and obligations under applicable laws that would permit Fractal to, for example, require or request an employee to divulge personal social media reasonably believed to be relevant to an investigation of allegations of employee misconduct or employee violation of applicable laws and regulations; or disclose a username, password, or other method for the purpose of accessing an employer-issued electronic device. In addition, Fractal may adopt regional or country-specific policies on this subject to accommodate local conditions or legal requirements, and will inform employees in the applicable region or country of the terms of any such policy.

Asking Questions

You are encouraged to ask any questions you may have about this Policy. To learn more about how to use Social Media in accordance with this Policy, contact